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Our Multifaith Chaplaincy is at the heart of the unique Canary Wharf Estate in East London working with the business community and its values, both individuals and companies.The Common Faith Covenant for doing good business underpins our values and aims in our work with the business community.

For Individuals

We are always willing to meet with you face to face informally over a coffee or tea, unlike most support available in your company which is often accessed through a phone call. We provide a  high quality and consistent service to all who work on the Canary Wharf estate, ensuring pastoral care and spiritual support are available to everyone, you don’t have to be religious to ask for a chat (we can also act as a sign post and point of referral to other sources of help). For more information or to contact a chaplain.

For Companies – we aim to

  • Assist and participate in the well-being of companies employees
  • Be a useful resource to help companies understand the positive role faith can play in terms of values , ethics and cultural change.
  • Act as faith advisers

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