Articles and book reviews

God at Work is an article by the Croatian theologian Miroslav Volf, it was given a few years ago but is still a relevant and accessible useful introduction, to read the article in full see link

Useful books:

God at Work, Your Christian Vocation in all of life, Gene Edward, pub 2011, Kindle version available on Amazon.

Faith and the Workplace, A guide for Catholic business people,pub 2011 Kindle version available on Amazon.

Good Value, Reflections on money, morality and the uncertain world; by Stephen Green (Ex Chair of HSBC Holdings and currently Minister for Trade), Pub. Allen Lane 2009 – (Amazon)

Meaning Inc, The blueprint for business success in the 21st Century; Gurnek Bains et al, Pub. Profile Books Ltd 2007 (Amazon)

After Sunday, A Theology of Work; Armand Larive, Pub. Continuum 2004

The Dharma of Capitalism; Nitesh Gor, Pub. Winans Kuenstler Publishing 2010