Testimonials From Companies

Kate Williamson Director and Proprietor of Little Unicorn Day Nursery/Little Herons Emergency Childcare Centre. 

Since meeting Fiona some many years ago now, I have come to view her as a friend. Friends are always there through good and bad, just like Fiona. To work in a chaplaincy within the unique environment of Canary Wharf, with its vast tapestry of cultures and religions, is truly remarkable. Fiona blends faiths effortlessly; she has an instinctive way of making you feel at ease. Without Fiona Canary Wharf’s tenants would be lost. We are her sheep, her flock and we look to her for reassurance and guidance.

Fiona has helped us as a business with issues we face including diversity and with helping us understand and teach the children about various festivals and celebrations. Most recently Easter and Passover.

When I came across a very confidential issue with one of the children we cared for I approached Fiona for advice. Her shoulder to cry on helped put everything in perspective and her support towards the parent was above the call of duty. For this reason I would commend Fiona Stewart Darling as someone Canary Wharf cannot live without.

From Janette Withey, Managing Director of Quay People and Chairman of Docklands Business Club: “Fiona Stewart Darling’s chaplaincy adds a unique dimension to business life in Canary Wharf and Docklands.  Her style of ministry has made Fiona a well respected figure in her unusual “parish”.  Now the team has grown allowing Fiona to continue her good work interacting with businesses. She is always on hand at a moments notice and brings comfort and understanding to a diverse community.” June 2011

Joanna Guthrie, Human Resources Business Partner, formerly of Citi says
“Recently we lost an Ex-Pat employee in Banking unexpectedly through illness. He left behind a wife and young baby daughter. Not only did this sad news impact his family but also the internal Banking employees who had worked with him closely for a number of years. He was a well liked and respected banker. Following an introduction to Fiona Stewart-Darling via the Diversity Office, Fiona offered to do the funeral service for the family and also offer follow up bereavement support to both the wife, his relatives and the internal Citi employees who were dealing with this tragic situation.

Having someone like Fiona available to provide compassionate warmth, understanding and bereavement support to both internal and external people for Citi has been received very positively and with great appreciation in a difficult time. It has shown that whilst this is a very large organisation, the right people can make a truly amazing impact.

From Emma Vick, formerly Deputy Chief Executive of SWX Europe Limited “The Chaplaincy was a tremendous help to us in difficult times, firstly on the untimely death of a colleague and then when, still reeling from that loss, we underwent the sad closure of the business, making everyone redundant.  Both of these events were of course very painful.  The Chaplain’s support and counsel were invaluable.  Knowing that I could pick up the phone to her at any time was very helpful to me personally”.

From a member of the Docklands Networking Group for SMEsI first joined the networking … a number of years ago. As a new member focused on business I could not see the relevance of a Chaplain as a fellow member. But it soon became obvious that with the ups and downs of the business cycle and the associated pressures on our members. The reassuring, non-hectoring, sympathetic, grounded presence of Fiona has benefited all members of the group.” Ian Hazlewood, Fairsurf.Net

Chaplains can help in other ways.

Recently, Vladimir one of the Canary Wharf Chaplain’s participated in a panel discussion as part of a training session for promising emerging leaders for one of the banks in Canary Wharf. His contribution was significant in that they said they would think about using him again in this capacity.