Canary Wharf Prayer Room Charter

The Canary Wharf Prayer Room has been established by Canary Wharf Group for use by people working 0n the Estate who belong to the major faith communities.

The purposes of the Prayer Room are:

  • to provide a space for the practice and exploration of faith during the working week.
  • to respect the right and privilege of all people to follow their faith as their hearts and minds dictate

The faith communities involved are those affiliated to the Interfaith Network Forum for the United Kingdom.

The first Canary Wharf Prayer Room was opened in November 1999.

Management of the Prayer Room:

The Canary Wharf Prayer Room can only be booked by faith groups. Canary Wharf Group Plc has delegated power of access to the Prayer Room to a Steering Group, which oversees it and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the space.

The Steering Group comprises a member from each of the faith user groups. CWG (and  Lead Chaplain) are ex-officio members.