Ramadan begins around Tuesday 7 June,

‘How to observe Ramadan well’ an article by Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra (Muslim Mogra)

During Ramadan The Canary Wharf Prayer Room will be open 2 -3pm Monday to Thursday for those who do NOT have prayer rooms in their companies.

For Prayer Times during Ramadan follow the link.

During Ramadan Friday Prayers will take place in the Eastwinter Garden on 10, 17 June and 1 July. On 24 June prayers will be in  The Canary Wharf Prayer Room.

All the major companies based in Canary Wharf have their own prayer rooms which are available for all their staff to use. In many companies you will find a Muslim group which meets for Friday Prayers in their prayer room.

Canary Wharf has a Prayer Room – see link for directions.  This prayer room is for the working community on the Estate and is only open at certain times of the day.

Currently the Prayer Room is open at the following times for Muslims’ prayers:

Mon – Thurs  Zuhr/`Asr Prayers  14:00-15:00

Friday     1st Khutbah 12:30, 1st Jama`ah approximately 12:45

2nd Khutbah 13:00 and Jama`ah approximately 13:15 (+/-5 mins)

For more information please email the Muslim Chaplain