Our Values and Aims

The aims of the CanaryWharf Multi-faith Chaplaincy are:

  • To support people of faith to work with integrity towards the core business for which they are employed and help people of faith to integrate their faith and work lives.
  • To provide a high quality and consistent service to all of the Estate working community, ensuring pastoral care and spiritual support are available to everyone whether they have a faith or not.
  • To work with the companies on the Estate in participating in the well-being of their employees.
  • To act as faith advisers to Canary Wharf Group and the companies.
  • To be a useful resource in helping companies to understand the positive role faith can play in terms of values and ethics.

The Values of the CanaryWharf Multi-faith Chaplaincy:

  • We are here to help people live as if their beliefs matter in the way they do business.
  • We are here to support those who promote honesty, integrity and trust in business and personal lives.
  • We believe everybody lives by a set of values, whether or not they are aware it.
  • We are here to help people discover and explore how beliefs can inform or give meaning for their values.
  • We support people in making the changes they want to make in their professional and personal lives.
  • We support people who seek wisdom to know what is right and the courage to act on it.
  • We help people integrate their values and beliefs into every part of their lives.
  • We believe everyone should live life to the full respecting others.


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